Bikepacking Downeast

Pretty pumped up tonight. My Surly Pugsley is packed in the Caravan, rigged out with backpacking gear ready for a 60 mile ride tomorrow on the Sunrise trail out of Ellsworth. This is a new one for me. I’m concerned about having the right gear, as the temps are supposed to go below freezing, and the cold front is accompanied by stiff winds. The trail follows an rails-to-trails project that extends up the Maine coast some 80 miles or so. The plan is to ride east up, sleep out somewhere, and then backtrack to the car.

I was surprised how easy it is to fit in all the gear I believe I need. The tent, and sleeping bag were strapped to the rear rack, and the bulk of the gear went into 2 small panniers that I had from 10 years ago, when I was commuting on a bike to work for a year. I also have a new Salsa frame pack that takes snacks, water bottle, electronics, and other items I want to get to easily. Panniers are currently thought of as passe, and are replaced by a seat pack, but I don’t see that as a good idea. I want the weight on my bike to be down a bit lower. I don’t want a top-heavy rig.

7 thoughts on “Bikepacking Downeast

  1. beechcreekproject

    I’ve never seen a bike in person with tires that big. What is it’s main purpose.. mud, snow or just super traction? Would love to give a bike like that a spin.


    1. It is all of those. I bought it to ride on the snow, but learned it is great in mud, over rocks, streams, and with 30# of max tire pressure should move really well over the gravel raid bed. The tires are 4″ wide, and function as a 29″ wheels set up. I love riding the bike.


      1. beechcreekproject

        Looks like it would be a blast to ride. If I ever look into getting another bike I’ll have to look into one. Just love the way it looks. Looks like a beast. Probably got to be a beast to ride one as well. 😀


  2. hmmm…… my first reaction was “that is one ug leeeee bike” but to see it again, and to hear you talk about it, makes me think twice…… happy to hear abou your continued adventures… now, will you be taking this bike to Moose Head next winter??????


    1. The Pugs made its reputation as a snow bike, with 4″ wide tires that can be operated down to 5# of pressure. It works great as a normal off road bike as well. I would love to take it across Moosehead, but would miss my heated wall tent too much out there. Tom “In everyones life, at some time, our inner flame goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the human spirit.” — Albert Schweitzer


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