Redeemed by The Bike

Stack an injury that lasted two weeks on top of a vacation in Texas that featured multiple excursions to several barbeque pits and Mexican restaurants, and witness my slide down on the fitness profile.  It’s been at least six years  when I have not been able to work out my body by riding a bike, hiking, or lifting weights for this long.  My mood, focus, and view of the word all suffered.

I stopped by Andy’s house and that afternoon we completed a 3 hour ride.  Here is is, from Strava.

It was growing cooler as we rode through the afternoon, with the wind coming in from the Southwest, making a headwind for us most of the ride.  The wind was fierce enough that we had to pedal to make it down a hill on Appleton Ridge. I should have packed more food.  I had just 1 granola bar. On the climb to the top of Moody Mountain right at the end,  the legs held together and I was spared cramping up.  It felt really good to ride today, and what a beautiful place it is to ride. Hope to be ready for an overnight bike-packing camping trip this weekend.

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