Gear failure not the issue. It’s all about customer service

Readers may know that I’ve given up on Big Agnes Aire Core mattresses due to multiple valve failures (3), after being told by their customer service that a valve failure is post unusual.
I have been totally satisfied with my Exped Downmat7 until this week, when it began spewing goose down out of the deflate valve, after I had used it about 40 times. Deflating the pad now requires considerable pressure due to the clogged valve.
On the positive side, Exped is right on, so far.
I shot Exped’s customer service an email, and that day received an e-mail from them requesting a photo of some numbers on the mat, and enclosed a photo of the problem. I answered a few questions and received another immediate response informing me that a brand new mat would be shipped out to me. This is the best response that a hiker can ever receive, and sets up a benchmark that should ensure satisfaction in future contacts. My experience is that all gear breaks (except for Western Mountaineering sleeping bags and Four Dog Stove’s Bushcooker LT stoves).
I am slightly concerned about what happened, and don’t want a repeat. Anyone else know about leak valve problems on an Exped mat?

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