Friday Night Full Moon Camping

Occupy Mountaintops- Take 2. Full moon this Friday night, April 6, Good Friday. Auntie Mame and I will spend the night on top of Bald Rock Mountain in Lincolnville. Room for more. Weather should be great- no bugs!

Tenzing and Bald Rock Shelter

About tjamrog

I'm sixty-five years old and live in the Maine woods. I've thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2007, the Pacific Crest Trail in 2010, and the Continental Divide Trail in 2013 . I am outdoors every day. Nature is my gym. I offer guided backpacking trips and classes in Maine, through "Uncle Tom's Guided Adventures" . I have practiced Transcendental Meditation for an hour daily for the past 45 years.
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4 Responses to Friday Night Full Moon Camping

  1. tjamrog says:

    Friday night weather should be good for viewing. Mostly clear in the mid 20’s. Moonrise will be at 7:31 PM. Plenty of flat space for a tent, as well as second mostly dilapidated shelter up top. Some might like to tent or cowboy right on the flat spots on the ( frozen?) grass. Cowboy TV provided.

  2. Clarkie says:

    Don’t forget your Tiki-men!

  3. Fidgit says:

    I know wolves and coyotes travel in packs, but is it the same of werewolves? =P

  4. General Lee says:

    how was it? sounds like an excellent time. i whole-heartedly endorse this trip! loved watching the sunrise from atop Bald Rock, maybe the best viewpoint on all of the ME coast.

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