Record high temps= mud = fat bike

Just last Friday the snow was so deep on the north side trails of Moody Mountain that I couldn’t even move my Surly Pugsley fat-tire bike through the refrozen mess.

5" of snow stopped the Pug

On a straight away level section or a downhill, I could move the bike, although it took lots up upper body strength to hold it straight, and keeping the power to the rear wheel definitely helped. In fact, I walked more than I rode the bike, and the ride ended up taking me two hours to cover, where I usually make it in an hour.

Since Friday, I rode several times, but yesterday took the cake.  It is just so warm here this week.  The temps are to reach 80 in some parts of the state today.  It is not so difficulty to exercise in these conditions.  Just yesterday I took a relatively quick  ride on the Diamonback Apex, around Moody Mountain again, but on the pavement, and it was the first time in many months when I was able to wear shorts, non-insulated bike shoes, and just a long sleeved jersey on top. It’s going to be a week that sees some significant mud appearing on sections of the wooded trails, as well as some drying up on the lesser saturated areas.  Gonna try and ride again tonight !

Here’s the Strava data from yesterday’s ride:

  • 13.0mi
  • 758ft
  • 01:04:46
    Moving Time
  • 662


    Around Moody Mountain loop

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