Stunning concept- walk instead of use a car

Auntie Mame and I had a dinner invitation to join some friends in Lincolnville Center last night for supper.  We’ve always drove there, but with the record warm temperatures, and extended light due to the time change  we decided to walk and talk our way down there.

Our biggest challenge was  staying out of the mud and not falling down on the sections of the abandoned Proctor Road, but we were undaunted by those brief encounters. 

It was a chance to look into the woods when they are bare of greenery- no leaves or plants have sprouted up yet. We were enchanted by particular trees, one with a very unusual shape that I plan to go back to photograph.

Here’s the map of our hike.  We did well, moving along at a pretty good clip.  The stats follow, via Strava, an App on my iPhone that plots maps, and tracks data for all my hikes, backpacking trips, m0untain and road bike rides, and now walks to supper!

Data: 04:21pm on Sunday, 03/18/2012

  • 3.4mi
  • 200ft
  • 01:04:09
    Moving Time
  • 18:47/mi
    Avg Pace
High Street to Thurlow Road, Lincolnville, ME
elevation profile

3 thoughts on “Stunning concept- walk instead of use a car

  1. While there was ice, it had degraded to the point where it was crumbling underfoot. This pic shows the only sketchy section. No traction needed. We got a ride back from some other neighbors. It was dark out, and we weren’t up for more miles. We loved our walk!


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