Not Turning Back Can Kill You

Reposting  a most excellent entry from our brethren in the kayaking school of adventure. The content is Labrador-related and references “the book” that got me and Alan MacKinnon into Labrador way back when.

Here’s the teaser:  “Their story has lessons for all of us who venture into the unknown, whether it be taking a back road to cut across town, guessing left at a fork in a hiking trail, or guessing right at a confluence of two rivers.  Their refusal to turn back, despite mounting evidence that they had taken a “wrong turn” followed stages many of us are familiar with.”

News Flash: Map & Territory Not Same | Waterlines — A Maine Sea Kayaking Journal.

One thought on “Not Turning Back Can Kill You

  1. ‘We go to have our preconceptions shattered” . That, ideed, is the point. Plans and maps and all the rest of it do moitvate us, but then we go to see what it is really like. The more you plan and anticipate the more you tame the adventure. When you go to confirm your preconception you might actually miss reality. It is for sure a worthwhile thought to reflect on. Great Blog!


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