No stress camping weekend

After the rain stopped dripping grey, the morning unfolded to blue skies. We’re back here along the Ducktrap River, for two days and nights of hiking, cooking, eating, and resting as the short, dark days of winter turn toward warmth and the passage to green.
I walked with my friends John, Tug, and Pat along the round-the-camp trail where most of us put in a superb 5.3 mile hike before lunch. Here’s Pat and John heading out on a low point on the Forest Loop Trail.

20120317-193307.jpg There was nowhere near the 75% ice path of last weekends Camden Hills Hike fest. Today it was more like 33% ice coverage underfoot. The ice was softer, no need to put on traction devices.  We alos walked along the length of the River Trail, where we scouted out a possible community service project reclaining a useless bridge.
Food reigns supreme here at Tanglewood. Pat cooked up one breakfast of waffles, strawberries, butter, maple syrup and sausage with fresh perked coffee for breakfast. Gary (mostly his wife Dorothy) and Hank contributed Beef Stew with focaccia, and fresh gingerbread ( credit to his wife Cathy) and whipped cream for dessert. Dave was at the ready with sausage, and a egg/cheese scramble on Sunday morning, accompanied by some pastries from a new bakery in Belfast.
This whole huge camp is our own this weekend- no one else is here or has even passed by.
I cranked up the wood fire sauna for a sweat session Saturday after noon. We all limbered up and Pat even shed some old old skin with an abrasive rub of kernel snow.
Over these two days I really enjoying the newly released “The Pacific Crest Trailside Reader“- Volume 1 California, an anthology of real trail tales, with stories taken from PCT hikers, trailside humor and traditions, accounts of trail angels and trail magic, encounters with wildlife and wild weather, stories of being lost and found, rescues, and unusual incidents. There are many references to locations and passes in the High Sierra for which I lack a visual memory. I so much appreciate the ability to get on the Internet and search for images of Walker Pass, for example, and have this magical experience  occur when I can receive a picture to jog my memory of being there.
Have this wild idea to follow the Ducktrap River back to its source this August. Anyone done that ?
Pat and I set up a plan for September when we will take a float plane shuttle to a spot along the Hundred Mile Wilderness and then backpack north for two or three days to our car at the Abol Bridge. We have room for one more !

About tjamrog

I'm sixty-seven and live in the Maine woods. I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2007, the Pacific Crest Trail in 2010, Vermont's Long Trail in 2011, and the Continental Divide Trail in 2013 . I am outdoors every day. I offer guided backpacking trips and classes in Maine, through "Uncle Tom's Guided Adventures".
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3 Responses to No stress camping weekend

  1. patmcneill says:

    Looks like great fun out there. Great to see that hiking happens all year.


  2. General Lee says:

    Tanglewood is about the only place near your house that I didn’t check out. like the idea of the float plane hike. room for one more huh???


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