Crunch, hike, ice afoot

Hike, hike, hike. Roy, Tenzing, and I chewed up 10 miles of icy trail in the Camden Hills today. There was no way that we could have walked over most of these trails without traction devices strapped to our feet.

It had rained Friday night so these trails are over 50% sheer ice- covered. The two worst places were right at the top of the Slope Trail and the top of the access to Zeke’s Trail.

Tenzing on tenuous terrain

The steepness of each trail just as they merged into the ridge was to the point where the traction was not that effective. I was careful to hit the shoulders on the trail in those places, where there were some exposed roots and rocks that I could step to and not slide backwards. I consider the hike today a massive ankle workout. If you don’t break ’em, I’m assuming they are getting strengthened.

We covered several interlinked trails today.  After heading up the Slope Trail from our cabin, we headed to the Ocean Overlook, and then descended to the start of the Jack Williams Trail, which we followed all the way back to Maiden’s Cliff, where we were treated to the unique patterns of ice melting away from Meguntiucook Lake.

Megunticook Lake

We ate a lunch there and then swung back onto the ridge that carried us over to Zeke’s Lookout, which was on the way to the Sky Blue Trail, which we traversed all the way back to the Multipurpose road that brought us back to the cabin at 3 PM.

Quite a party here tonight, with the addition of V8 and Auntie Mame, Dave and Kristi, and Pat and Martha.
Roy and I are cooking up Polish supper for the group – kielbasa grilled over a fire in a barbeque pit, and three types of pierogis , with fresh bread, sour cream, butter, and horseradish. It’s going to be good!
This weekend proved that Stabilicers are better than Kahltoonas. I have never seen anyone wearing Stabilicers who had them come off their feet, but have hiked with three people now who have to stop and pull Kahltoonas back on. They appear to suffer on side slopes. Tenzing’s pair also ripped through one of the front rubber attachment points. I read that the latest model has reinforced that weak area.
My own pair of Stabilicers are showing wear on the metal screw heads, and did slip a bit on those steepest ice slopes, so I plan to buy a $5 kit to replace the worn screws.

The nest morning we savored multiple cups of fresh coffee, blueberry pierogis with maple syrup and sour cream and sausage.  We’ll be back!  Check out more hiking photos in Tenzing’s photo album.

2012 Camden Hills group

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