Backpacker Gear Guide

Hey, editors, love the bling! Why not get honest and place the full page ads for the products you give these rewards to on the page adjacent to the review ? It is a pain to see the delicious advertisement then have to flip a page or two back and even sometimes forth to read the review !

2 thoughts on “Backpacker Gear Guide

  1. I don’t pretend to answer for the editors but the photo of the mostly-mosquito-net tent does make me think back to the A.T.

    I have slept out under the stars and enjoyed it, but I prefer to darkness of a lean-to with a roof even if it’s corrugated tin that sounds like a Brasilian drum section during carneval in. A rainstorm. There was one lean-to, first one North of Hanover NH, that had a roof that was made of *clear plastic* corrugated sheets. It made me feel – well – uneasy……

    What is your take on that phenomenon?

    Inquiring minds want to know…..


    1. I don’t shy away from lean-to’s. I prefer the spot next to a wall. If it is not too buggy out I sleep there. It saves time packing a tent. I go with the tent if there are too many mosquitoes. I have even set my tent up inside a lean to if there is no one else around. I have done this if there are too many mosquitoes. Mice are not too big a deal in most shelters.


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