Illuminated backpacking pillow !

I was pleased that another of the Kickstarter projects that I pledged to–> luminAID, reached full funding. The initial product run had one shipped to me a couple of weeks ago.  Here’s what I got:

The world’s first illuminated pillow- and while not specifically marketed to backpackers, I think it is going to work as a sleeping pillow.

First of all, it is just 3 ounces, complete with solar charger. Nothing could be simpler than to operate this unique product.  You place it in the sun, and it charges, indicated by a red LED.  There is just one button, which has off, low, and  high settings. How about a waterproof lantern that can even float when inflated? The unit fully charges in 5 hours of sunlight, and provides 4 hours of light on the High setting and 6 hours of light on Low. The battery is reported to last for 800 charge cycles, and most astoundingly, holds a full charge for 6 months!

The project itself funded with many $25 donations, and for that $$ you received your own light and also paid for a light to be shipped to a third world country.  Online sales are coming soon–> luminAID’s mailing list will keep you updated.

I plan to write a report on how this light fared on my 2 night camping trip in Camden Hills State Park this upcoming weekend.

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