Best tiny flashlight ever

My friend Chris has supplied me with numerous outdoor gear leads over the years. His car is a rolling survivalist’s storage locker. Some of his recommendations have worked out ( Cabella’s winter jacket) and some have not ( big Agnes Air Core mattress).
The tiny Nanolight Streamlight is a best buy, a most useful tool, and has been with me 24/7 since December 2011. Mine is on a neck cord that I wear all the time, even in the shower. It’s definitely waterproof. The power comes from 4 tiny hearing aid batteries that cost more than the light itself if you buy them from a local discount drug store. Online battery supply houses sold me 16 of them for about $15. The light is surprisingly bright- definitely enough lumens to read a paperback in the dark.
You can buy them for under $10, online. I bought a half- dozen of them to give away as Christmas presents. I just gifted one to my hiking pal Guthook, and if you haven ‘t already done so, read his excellent backpacking blog – Guthook Hikes!


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