Day 1/3 Attean Pond Road to past Attean Falls on Moose River


Sitting up in the heated tent out of reach of Verizon and anything else. I’m flat out beat. The pulling was hard. It started out at 0 degrees this morning, but by noontime, when we finally located the mouth of the River, all I had on was my thin woolen Johnson’s Mill long underwear top on and I was still dripping sweat.
My toboggan seemed overloaded for a four day trip because it was. Not only did I have all my winter gear on the sled, but my 17 pound Egyptian cotton 9x 12 wall tent, the big tent fly, titanium Four Dog stove plus stovepipe, and metal thimble that allows the pipe to pass through the tent. I had all the cooking and kitchen gear, saws, an axe, a big chisel for cutting through the ice, big first aid kit, candles, lots of rope- plenty of gear. I need so much stuff but am overwhelmed looking for things.
There are only two of us in the 4 person tent. I tried to get more people to come, but it didn’t happen. Most people can’t take off Thursday to Tuesday, but thankfully my Vermont hiking buddy Bad Influence can. Truth be told there just aren’t that many people, even outdoor nuts, who want to camp out on the side of frozen lakes, ponds, and rivers after hauling loaded sleds across the ice and snow all day long, and it’s rumored to only get up to 5 degrees up here near the Canada border this Sunday with a night time low of twenty below zero.
I prefer these trips with four in the tent. It allows others to carry some group gear on their own toboggans, and distributes the daily chores over 4 people rather than two. We chop or saw down dead trees, then limb them out, haul them whole back to camp each afternoon, and then saw them up into 16″ lengths and sometimes split the biggest pieces. We have to set up the big tent, cook supper, wash dishes.
It’s why BI , his dog Birdie, and I are just about ready to blow out the candle, even though it’s not even 7 PM yet.

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