Winter Camping This Weekend

I’m getting prepped for a winter walking trip this Thursday, where I’ll heading north onto the Moose River, just south of Jackman, ME up near the Canada border. We will be camping four nights in a wood-heated wall tent that I pull on a custom toboggan. There is space for two more in the tent, so this is a chance for those of you who have wanted to do this type of thing to try it. Hope to be cushy, but things happen out there. Contact me if you would like to share the chores (like sawing firewood and meal prep) with me and my hiker pal Bad Influence. I have extra toboggans, and assorted winter gear, if needed.
We have patches of open water around here on the coast, but up near the northwest corner of Maine, the temps have been below zero at night, and not more than 20’s during the day, excellent weather for traveling over frozen lakes and rivers. I am charting a path that should be free of snowmobile action, and while our walk across Attean Pond will definitely punctuated by multiple encounters with the machines, I believe that once we slip around Attean Falls and enter the quiet world of travel on the Moose River, we’ll be alone in the wilderness.
The Moose River Bow Bow Trip, is one of the most well known multi-day paddle trips not only in the state of Maine, but in the Northeast. Traveled by many in the warmer weather, it is a place to experience the quiet beauty of the woods in Northwestern Maine. In February, we’ll be some of the few to experience the unspoiled beauty under the cover of winter, where we’ll explore animals tracking patterns and numerous signs of wildlife travel. There will be short travel days, due to the decreased sunlight this time of year. If lucky with the surfaces, we should reach the frozen cascades of Holeb Falls, a true spectacle in winter. Here’s map of the route. We’re aiming to run the route backwards, skirting Attean Falls, and going out and back as time allows. I’ll try and keep blogs coming  while I am up there, but the last time I went up, I recall no cell coverage on the Moose River. I should be able to get out a few Tweets with pics so check my Twitter feed as well as this blog for updates.

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