Book Review Yogi’s CDT Handbook- Planning Guide

20120121-155434.jpgI’m giving Yogi 4 out of five stars on this brand- new 2012 version of her 2007 thru-hiking hiking guide. While this book targets the unique challenges of the Continental Divide Trail, it can also be seen as an updated compendium of state of the art backpacking information.
Yogi puts out a good product. I used her “Pacific Crest Trail” planning guide in preparing for and in thru-hiking the PCT in 2010.
Yogi’s Guide offers the reader direct access to the up to date wisdom from not just Yogi herself, who is a Triple Crown backpacker, but additional recommendations of 15 other CDT hikers.
Here’s a PDF of the Table of Contents of the Planning Guide.
I particularly enjoyed the following sections : Warm Top, Trail Food, and Post-Hike Thoughts.
I have three suggestions:
First, it would make more sense to move the Guidebook and Maps section to follow CDT Impressions section. Second, include an early link to Ley’s “compass rose method'” related to GPS use. More than one hiker referred to it before the reader is able to understand what they were talking about. Third, while Yogi defers from any specific recommendations on electronics because ” the electronics arena changes much too quickly..”, she contradicts here self in the GPS section where she turns the show over to Starman, who goes on to list 12 specific Delorme and Garmin units. It would be of interest to hikers to view electronics recommendations, with the understanding that the data is dated. A link to a blog about backpacking smartphones, for example could be listed as she did with her GPS info.
This is a guide that is well worth the $40 Yogi charges for it.
I do wish she would sell it as a stand-alone purchase. Right now, it comes bundled with a companion CDT Town Guide, a 196 page book detailing services and resources in some 89 CDT trail town and resorts.

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