Swimming pool and firework


Having a great time today with the vitamin D therapy here in Florida. I hit the hot tub, swimming pool, and even laid out in the warmth of the sun this afternoon, in my bathing suit.
So easy to camp here, but there are some surprises, like cool evenings.
I ‘m pleased that I have my Ibex thin long underwear. It went down to 44 last night and I needed some help in my 40 degree bag. Super thin tights, a zip crew long sleeve top, and light wool socks are a now permanent part of my 4 season packing list. The underwear also keeps my down bag clean on those nights when I am unable to find enough water to wash my grimy skin. When worn under my day clothes I can be outside in the 40’s and be comfortable.
There are still be snakes here, so I keep my tent zipped up.
I am learning about battery management and data needs on my iPhone 4S. I just switched to my first decent phone- i came over from my Mi-Fi device/ iPod Touch.
The camper profile here is bizarre. We have a site in a loop that is .4 mile around and there and are 20 of these loops in Fort Wilderness. . There are 22-70 sites on a loop. I have walked past complete loops consisting exclusively of huge self- contained RV’s that range in list price from $100,000 to $500,000. What’s spooky is walking past dozens of these units and not seeing ANYBODYoutside. My friend Edward tells me that these folks are only seen getting into their row-behind cars for a daily shopping run into town.
Had a great time last night lying in a recliner, while listening to cool loud music on the beach, with fireworks blasting over The Magic Castle.

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