Freakin’ Cold!


I went out last night in the moonlit yet starry night and pushed a very fast 5 miles on High St. I found out my friend Frank had been out walking in deeper cold and darkness at 4:30 AM. This is good training for night hiking. I do really dislike recoiling like a blinded salamander when those big headlights are on me.

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About tjamrog

I'm sixty-five years old, retired, and live in the Maine woods. I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2007, the Pacific Crest Trail in 2010, and the Continental Divide Trail in 2013 . I like reading, and am outdoors every day. Nature is my gym. My exercise program involves more walking. For my upper body and core workout, I'll be shoveling snow, and when that's done, cutting, splitting, and hauling firewood. I have practiced Transcendental Meditation for an hour daily for the past 45 years.
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One Response to Freakin’ Cold!

  1. lulu says:

    As cold as it was, I bet it was a very fast 5 miles. 8 degrees kept me inside!

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