Product Alert: SpiderTech !

In 2007, I was experiencing pain and swelling in my lower right leg, after backpacking over 2,000 miles on the Appalachian Trail. I was very fortunate to be treated by an experienced massage therapist, who had just received training about a new product coming out of Japan called kinesiotape. The public was made aware of this product a year later when Olympic volleyball star Kerry Walsh was viewed wearing a black swatch of this device on her shoulder.

Walsh photo- note shoulder

Here are two shots of what the therapist applied on my leg, to reduce what she felt was either shin spints or edema.
Front view- kinesiotape

Rear view- Spider cut

My treatment was so successful that significant swelling and discomfort were completely reduced 24 hours after application of these taping patterns.
The therapist cut me a spare spider that I took with me on the rest of the trip, but I never needed to use it. Since then, I have hoped that I could have access to such a solution, and have it in place in my hiking first aid kit.
Enter SpiderTech. A visit to their web site lists the same kinesio-tape with 17 precut spider patterns for specific regions of the body. I found the same pattern on the site- “lymphatic spider- medium” for $6.99. While I haven’t used this specific product, I placed my order today, and sincerely hope that I never have to report about treatment of another on-trail leg injury.

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