Bushwhacking to the Boil Up

I get the call, I go. I just can’t resist walking on a trail in the woods with a companion. This morning Craig, his dog Fudge, and I headed up toward Spruce Mountain for our first boil-up of 2012. Walking away from Craig’s house, we bushwhacked uphill a mile to then briefly foray on the Georges Highland path. I like to work in some off-trail travel overland. About once a week, I put in at least a mile off trail. This time of year is good for it, as you don’t have any leaves that obscure routes that grace the countryside. While the leaf cover visually smooths out the surface, I’m into conditioning my ankles, walking on the highly uneven footpath that I generally run into when I’m away from these game paths and trails.
After hanging at the overlook a bit, we headed over to sit on a granite ledge to break out our Four Dog Stove’s Bushcoookerswhere we eventually brewed hot drinks.

First boil up of 2012

I forgot to bring my bottle of alcohol fuel, so we used wood instead. Unfortunately, both Craig and I knocked over our stoves, and were pleased to have extra water with us, and unlimited dry wood nearby.
Here’s the data for the hike, an out-and-back that went up and then down.
Distance: 2.3 miles
Elapsed Time: 1:18
Avg Speed: 1.8 mph
Max Speed: 7.3 mph
Min Altitude: 482 ft
Max Altitude: 913 ft
Google map

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