Fat tire bike hits the Bog

Way to go 2012 !
Woke up this morning to a snow-free landscape where the outdoor temperature come up to 50 degrees. I headed over to join the ever-ready-for-outdoor-action Bubbas in Rockland for a three hour fun-festival featuring the newest member of the group- my brand new Pugsley snow bike.

The Pug
I’m immensely pleased with the bike’s initial performance.
This bike is a heavy one, weighing in at some 35 pounds, primarily due to the huge footprint of the highly aggressive Nate knobbie tires that are mounted to 4″ wide rims. I learned how much air these tires need from Ian, who has a Salsa Mukluk. It’s not necessary to obsess with tire gauge. Ian told me to just squeeze the thing- should be sort of squishy. That was it.
The first test of the day was the road climb up to the trail head, which was no problem at all. As soon as I entered the mostly frozen, rutted trail, the rigid-framed bike settled into a comfortable pattern- churning ahead, sliding into the low spots, and sticking to the sloped sideways and the up and down ledges that we encounter here in coastal Maine.
Andre, Ian and the ice
Once this thing is rolling, it seems to keep rolling, and there wasn’t much out there today to stop it. Back in the parking lot some of the other Bubbas remarked that I appeared to be faster today. I cleared sections of this ride that I have been struggling with for what, fifteen years? I’m no fitter so far in 2012, so could it be the fat heavy bike that came to the front today, in conditions that had nothing to do with snow?
Check out a map of this ride, with statistics:
Rockland Bog 1/1/12 on Strava.com. It turned out to be a 7.4 mi ride that I did today, January 1, 2012.

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