High Street’s answer to Maine road bike

Here’s a shot of two 1986 cro-moly steel framed bicycles that my next door neighbor Andy Hazen and I have rebuilt. The frames on my Diamondback Apex and his Nishiki were stripped and professionally repainted. Brakes are original cantilever. Seats and shifters upgraded, and while I retained the original front dereilleur, the triple front Biopace chain rings are history. The rear dropouts were spread out and resized to accept a modern 8 speed hub. Our roads are so rutted and decrepit that I welcome the softer ride this frame provides, compared to the all aluminum Cannondale that now sits unused in a shed. My pearl green Apex is what I use several times a week. I predict this type of setup will become more popular as the current crop of young bike Turks begins to frequent the Advil section of the drug stores.

Note: On the same day that I published this post, I received this photo from Scott, reader who also just completed a rebuild on his own 1986 Diamondback Apex. A beautiful restoration, all set for touring and/or commuting. Note fenders, Brooks leather saddle, and handlebar mounted light.

2 thoughts on “High Street’s answer to Maine road bike

  1. Scott

    I like the paint job on the Diamondback. It’s close to the original color. As you probably have seen by now, I changed the color of mine… I agree that this frame gives a very comfortable ride on lousy terrain.


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