Christmas Eve hike 2011

I’m a huge fan of the clam. That, plus lobster is on the menu tonight.
Plenty to wrap up today, lots of little things to take care of, against a backdrop of stoking the woods stove in the living room- it’s been cold and windy today,just 12 degrees out as I put together this post.
Managed a three and a half mile hike up to the blueberry field and over toward Levensellar Pond from the house just before lunch.

Approaching blueberry barrens from woods hike
The snowmobile trail I used to get up and around there was untouched , with about 3-4″ of fresh snow from yesterday.
Did I mention how much I am enjoying using Motion-X GPS program with my iPhone 4S? Here’s a map of my hike, created instantly with the program, with the data on times, and elevation, etc.
Distance: 3.5 miles
Elapsed Time: 1:13
Avg Speed: 2.9 mph
Max Speed: 4.4 mph
Min Altitude: 455 ft
Max Altitude: 735 ft:

While on the hike. I reminisced about what a fantastic year it was, thought about the friends that I share my adventures with, and counted so many blessings that came my way.
I hope for more Peace, for all of us.

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