White Bike, Black Night

Surly enough for ME

The excitement today was two rides on my new bicycle.
I am the proud owner of a white 29″ Surly Pugsley, a snow bike you’ve probably never seen. The tires are huge- 4″ wide mounted on 4″ wide rims. I had just 14 pounds of pressure I them and was bouncing a bit, so will drop that pressure on firm ground like the frozen bare earth we have here right now. Despite the 35 pound weight of the bike, I climbed more quickly that usual on this ride. Not sure why, maybe the larger 29″ tires, maybe I had some mojo tonight. It’s really fun to ride this thing.  The ride was mostly and up and back, nothing technical, except the descent off of the top of Cameron Mountain, which was steep but too rocky. Just before I went up the mountain I also rode down and around Tanglewood 4H Camp.
I’m posting data and a photo that were easy to pull from the $1.99 Motion-X GPS app I downloaded to my new iPhone 4S. The app rocks- push and go, also has direct buttons for taking photos with the iPhone and running my iTunes while riding or hiking.   The night ride back down aided by my Turbocat lighting system. This complete post was put together directly from my iPhone, including photo, GPS data, and Google map. By the way, the controls and the terrain options work on the map. Try it. Anyone know how to link to some tunes that I listened to on the ride?

Cameron Mountain
Date: Dec 20, 2011 3:45 pm
Distance: 5 miles
Elapsed Time: 45:25.5
Avg Speed: 6.5 mph
Max Speed: 23.6 mph
Min Altitude: 329 ft
Max Altitude: 875 ft
Start Location:
Latitude: 44.280082º N
Longitude: 69.044607º W
End Location:
Latitude: 44.280106º N
Longitude: 69.044716º

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