Full Moon Hike Saturday, Dec. 10

Occupy Mountaintops! Saturday will bring us our December full moon. Why not hike up Bald Rock Mountain in Lincolnville to view it? Rangers are leading full moon hikes this weekend in 4 State parks here in Maine. I’m inviting anyone and everyone up to the top of Bald Rock to view the full moon rise which is scheduled to occur this Saturday at 4:10 PM ( Augusta data). This is an unorganized hike, meaning the only plan is to meet at that time on top to watch the moon come up over Penobscot Bay. Let’s hope for decent viewing weather. Some of us plan to camp on top after the moonrise. There’s a couple of decrepit lean-tos still standing up there, some flat grassy tent space on top, and a fire pit that gets frequent use there. Bratwusrts would be good!
We’ll see what shakes down. My take on these type of events is that “Many are called but few are chosen”. Contact me if I can be of any further assistance.

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