Raspberries on a Road Ride

Crazy good here. Did a 20 mile ride on the road one day early this morning, and heading back from Camden, just a couple of blocks from Route 1, I noticed what appeared to be a package of fruit in the road. There was no one walking or driving a car nearby, so I pulled over to check it out. Sure enough it was a plastic tray of fresh raspberries.


A couple on the bottom were crushed, so they most have dropped from a car, someone walking on the road with a ripped bag, or even maybe someone on a bicycle, just like me. I love fresh raspberries, but they are so expensive, and rightfully so, that I never buy them. I put them in my Camelback and rode out of Camden, through Hope, back to my home in Lincolnville. I’ve found an array of surprises while biking these roads; for example, a $100 knife, a #10 bill, numerous wrenches and screwdrivers, but never fresh raspberries, in December, in Maine. You never know what turns up when you get out.

One thought on “Raspberries on a Road Ride

  1. Heh. Classic. I found a $80 Smartwool t-shirt on the PCT in Washington, which was especially serendipitous since I’d destroyed two nice wool t-shirts on that same trip. Never food, though.


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