Snow Walkers’ Rendezvous 2011- Part 1 of 3

Another grand time at the Hulbert Outdoor Center in Fairlee, VT, spent with 100 of the faithful at our annual winter walking/ camping/ and cooking weekend.
When we arrived after our 5 hour trip, numerous participant tents were already set up outside, with clouds of wood smoke conveying the sense of warmth that was present inside.


Instead of hauling our tent and poles, Marcia and I had decided to rent a room in one of the heated cabins for the weekend.
From where else can I return home with a hand drawn illustrated handout from the likes of Craig MacDonald that details “ The ‘three pole’ Anishinabi Wall Tent Pitch”?  Craig came all of the way from Dwight, Ontario, where he has worked for the Ministry of Natural Resources for the past 44 years.  I bought my 9 x 12 Egyptian cotton tent from his 10 years ago.
The Friday evening kickoff presentation was by Kevin Slater and Polly Mahoney, of Mahoosuc Guide Service in Bear River Vally, up in Newry, Maine where for over 30 years the couple have been actively guiding canoeing and dog team trips in Maine and points north.  On the way back, Marcia and I had the fortune to stop at Polly and Kevin’s where we were introduced to two of the newest members of their 44 dog force, true Alaskan huskies that had just arrived in Maine after an air transport from Alaska.  The male of the pair will grow to 90 pounds. These dogs are considered to strongest, most devoted pulling dogs in the world.

Marcia with Husky puppies

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