Gear Tip

I like this 4 minute video and plan to try out each of the 25 variations on how to wear a scarf this winter here in Maine. Might be a way to break up the cold dark starts to these days to come.  I do carry a 1 ounce silk cowboy-style scarf, both in summer and winter, on my backpacking and my motorcycling trips. I have even resorted to wearing it over the top of my head, like my grandmother used to do when she went outside.  Most of the time, I wear it like this:

Ready, partner?

It is a video of twenty five ways to wear a scarf.

One thought on “Gear Tip

  1. In Nepal, even during the hot weather, it is not unusual for men to wear a shawl, and among the various presents i was given for my work there this past summer, one was a men’s shawl, the kind a poor farmer woudl wear, with hand-embroidered designs of the “hot pepper” plant, which I thought was wicked cool. I sometimes bring it to meetings here at UH when the A/C will be on and I know the room will be cold.


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