Snowy Halloween

The light was clear, so were the roads, but we had this refrigeration effect, as I looped around Moody Mountain on a bike ride this Halloween.


I was dressed appropriately, with orange jacket, as I dodged several pickup trucks that were shoved along the banks of snow on the sides of the roads. Bad day for deer, anytime snow falls during hunting season here in Maine.  I did see one big doe, exiting the woods along Moody Mountain Road.  I wished her well.  There was something special about the ride today, with colorful orange foliage still hanging on the red oaks and even some of the sugar maples.

You are never too old to learn about the outdoors.  The lesson today was how remarkably different the temperatures and snow loads can be, even in a radius of 5 miles.  On some south facing sections of my ride, there was no snow, yet on the north side of Moody, the feeling of cold was immediately obvious, and was the two to three foot piles of plowed snow on the sides of the road, and the ice patches that I had to avoid.  I thought about my hike in the High Sierra last year, where my choice of a campsite was influenced by proximity to water, north slopes, and wind patterns.

High praise for the Pearl iZumi Cyclones, the company’s most popular cool weather cycling glove.   It’s a softshell, advertised as providing superior wind and water protection.  I have not used it in the rain yet, but as far as warmth goes,  it is better than most.  I bought the gloves for hiking the last time I was up in North Conway, NH at the factory outlet.  Added features are the extended gauntlet to keep the wrists warm, a fleece wiping surface on the thumb to clear away you know what, and the XXL size gives me a bit more room, which allows some additional heat. Too tight isn’t good in the cold.  I was reluctant to purchase them , as there are many stitching panels, but the salesman convinced me me that they hold up well, and if there was EVER any problem with the glove to bring the right back and they would be replaced. I find that on this type of garment,  the stitching unravels.  I have maybe 4 pairs of similar gloves, but none have been as warm as these, and I get tired of stitching up tears in the fingers.

2 thoughts on “Snowy Halloween

    1. Mr. Kiermaier, you have your own daily adventures, with your daily runs up and down the most serious hills in Augusta no matter what weather, in all seasons. I know you have been front page news!


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