Ducktrap Forest

I like to hike in the Tanglewood forest right here in Lincolnville.

River Trail

I was unaware that it is also part of the Camden Hills State Park, and that there are more than 7 miles of trails there. Tanglewood encompasses over 940 acres of rolling mixed forest, and is a pleasure to visit any season. It is particularly good in fall and winter, due to stunning foliage, and groomed winter cross country ski trails.
The majority of paths are rustic forest trails, with some roots and rocks, and several trails include steep inclines. Bridges are provided over most streams and in areas which regularly accumulate water.

Slippery Much?

Note that some areas of Tanglewood are open to hunting during Maine’s hunting seasons.
I was over there for a couple of nights, where I stayed in a cabin. On Saturday morning, I went for a two hour hike with my friends Hank and Joe. We first went down to the Ducktrap River where we walked onto the old snowmobile bridge and we looked down at the black racing current of wide water below us.  Then we enjoyed a riverside ramble meandering our way down the Ducktrap River until we came just above a set of falls, where we then took the Forest Loop Trail toward the entrance, where we picked up the Tanglewood Road back to the parking lot.
Pre-printed trail maps are  available at the trail-head kiosk beside the turning circle on Tanglewood Road.  Tanglewood lies approximately 3 miles inland from Lincolnville Beach on US Route 1.

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