Fall is Hiking

So much nature coming at me, I’ve been outside rather than typing.
First of all, the BEST loop up here, for my money, is the one that Auntie Mame and I took recently.

Auntie Mame Along the Great Big Sea
In Camden Hills State Park –> Bald Rock Mountain from Youngtown Road via the Frohock Mountain Trail. You can complete more of the woods walk by coming down the Bald Rock Mountain Trail to the Multiuse trail. Probably somewhere a bit over 4 miles of walking over a gravel road, with real hiking trails branching off into the woods.
The view from the top reveals 180 degrees of Atlantic waters, punctuated with greenish clumps of granite islands, a view that stretches far out into the eastern sky.
I want sleep up on top of Bald Rock some night soon, and wake up to the sun rising over Penobscot Bay. There are several grassy flat places up there to rest on.

2 thoughts on “Fall is Hiking

  1. Karl Gottshalk

    Great trail. I did that loop before work for a month or two the spring before last, trying to time it so I got a sunrise photo each day. We camped up there one night last year when Camden was having fireworks. We have a lot of good memories there. I ran into Guthook up there once.


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