Long Trail Day 25

9 miles up and down Mt. Mansfield today, but  2 miles on Long Trail

The hurricane was the real deal here in VT yesterday, with today an atmospheric clearing event.  It was mostly cloudy, often patched with blue sky day, where it was cold enough at 4,000 feet that I put on my Houdini jacket.

Last post here until the weekend- maybe Sunday.  I dropped my iPod Touch while taking a shot standing on a ledge at the summit that resulted in the screen shattering, rendering most of the keys inoperable, and cancelling the scrolling function.  It is impossible to write a post, let alone edit and send them.  So, in the meantime, I will be using paper and pencil for the next four days, when Lee, The Weatherman and I should reach the Canada border.

We are safe, and we hope to be able to reach the Trail tomorrow morning, although we know it may take some time to work back to the trail if there are road closures on the way up to Waterville. Walking over many streams coming up and down Mansfield today indicated that the streams are running strong, but no additional danger , other than the usual slippery lichen/mud/ and dead leaf covered dangerous boulders.

We hope to be out on Friday, 43 miles to go.  Until then, thanks for all your comments, those of you who took the time to write your comments here or on other sites with this journal.  I plan to use my paper and pencil skills and my English major lessons to give you  readers a glimpse into what it may be like to finally finish this most  challenging Trail.

One thought on “Long Trail Day 25

  1. thank you. I was worried, i have to admit. I enjoy following your trek, and i respect your outdorrs skill – but from what i see and hear on the news, it sounds like a bit much…. stay sfae so we can follow future adventures!


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