Day 24 Long Trail

Rescued by Two Dinners from second night at Deer Run Inn
Unique Northeast Kingdom experience last night within a PBR can’s throw from this below par (even for hikers) traveler’s nest. Enter Robbie’s Wildlife Refuge – where definitely lumbered some wild life- a place where one clearly needs just one visit to satisfy any future curiosity about those dark/shaky drinking establishments.
After we acquired our drinks ($2 beers, $4 mixed drinks) from the bartendress, we retreated to the back room, which was decorated in a tripartite motif of NASCAR, mounted hunting trophies, and football paraphernalia. Here we played several games of three person cutthroat pool, then darts. I had a view down the runway to the men’s room where I witnessed a 300 pound plus drunken female accosting the unsuspecting Weatherman. I also had to go to the men’s room, but chose to remain in discomfort until we left the place, rather than run the pawing/ bearhug gauntlet.
After I walked into Two Dinners’ condo I never left the place. If rained steadily all day, but not what I’d call a deluge. The wind was no worse than any other bad rain storm that I’ve been in.
It was a great day to zero, where I ate lots, slept, and watched 4 movies with the group here. Low aspirations are a relief sometimes.
It looks like the rain will stop at 2 AM, if you believe the National Weather Service. So, somehow, somewhere, we will be back to hiking tomorrow.
For today, it was so sweet to be safe, well fed, rested, and part of a happy, interested group of folks.

3 thoughts on “Day 24 Long Trail

  1. There are some great dive bars in New England, and it sounds like you found another one – which exact town was this? Methinks we need directions! Some day I wiLl post my list, bit sadly, the Hill Billy Ranch is looooong gone


  2. Boy, dropping the ipod and losing your internet access is going to be a crisis for your readership!! The heck with Irene, THIS is MAJOR! Hope you can get a replacement soon, meanwhile, for Joe and Jan and Sandee, et al, hang in there, Tom cracked the casing on his email device, so will be pretty much paper and pencilling until the weekend. Stay tuned for the exciting summary of the grand finale…


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