Day 22 Long Trail

Smuggler’s Notch to Roundtop Shelter 14.5 miles

I felt good today and we now have 46.4 miles left until we are done. It was so unusual for us to have received trail magic in the form of a less than 12 hour break from the trail. We were back hiking this morning at 7:00 AM after we were picked up at 7:10 last night. We fit so much into that time, with huge thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Two Dinners for making us better hikers through their hospitality, friendliness, and generosity.
But, it’s late now and I am beat.
All the buzz is about Hurricane Irene- that it will start raining tomorrow afternoon, that there will be 14″ of rain, that there will be massive flooding, and more such serious concerns.
We have to get off the Trail and get under cover for a couple of days. Everyone here at the shelter, which is now Lee/Weatherman/ Me, two other thru-hikers named Sunshine and Grey Jay, and now a sectioning couple are throwing out ideas on how to avoid the three of us from hiking 17.5 miles, possibly into the storm tomorrow.
I feel hopeful that these folks will work together to help come up with a plan I can go for.


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