Day 18 Long Trail.

“It’s destructive, It’s beating our bodies to hell!”, said Lee, from our big huge empty shelter tonight.
“The honeymoon with this Long Trail is over”, said Bad Influence.
I don’t have much to add except that I’m bloodied, bruised, beat, and out of food tonight. The cumulative effects of a 17, 13, and now a bit more than 10 miles are putting the hurt in me.
I will go on record that the 10 mile section today from Cowles Cove to Montclair Glen shelters ranks up there with the Mahoosic Arm/ notch situation in Maine. Thank god the rocks were dry today. Many of the grades today, if wet, could have been catastrophic.
You needed upper body strength today to hoist yourself up and sometimes lower yourself off some of the situations.
I had two potentially serious falls today. This morning I threw my poles over the edge of a steep boulder drop and then had a difficult time deciding just how I would get down. I went to the right side and started to use a spruce to guide my path, but then my hands slipped down the bare wet tree and I spun around, hit the boulder with my arm and smacked the point of my elbow. The pain was considerable, and for a moment I feared that I might have a broken arm. My terror turned to joy when I was able to move it, but it still hurt. I was actually happy that my arm was just bleeding profusely.
Later, I turned my left ankle sharply, yelled out loudly in pain, and had the same upsurge of thanks when I realized that I very narrowly avoided a severe sprain.
We are feeling the temps drop dramatically right now at 6:30 PM, the wind is blowing strongly and now it is pouring rain again.
We’ve got less than 10 days left.
By the way, the views from Camels Hump were stunning. We’ve dodged the rain again, and were treated to a warm clear experience on the summit.


3 thoughts on “Day 18 Long Trail.

  1. See you are having your typically “great” time. Thanks for the posts UT. Enjoy them all.

    Be aware Hurricane Irene is currently projected for NYC on Sunday/Monday timeframe, unless it veers further east. You might see some heavy rain the upstate VT area by Monday/Tuesday.


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