Day 16 Long Trail

Skyline Lodge to warming hut above Sugarbush Ski area 17.5 mile

Lee just had the nerve to ask BI and I if we wanted to take a walk with him to see the sunset over to the western side of this mountain. BI replied in uncharacteristic assertion, “No. We’ve been hiking hard all day and I’m done !” I had his back and agreed immediately.
The effort today was redoubled in that we went up and over 12 mountains, including 4,006′ Mt. Abraham. Originally we were set for 14 miles but Lee encouraged us to get up on the sky high ridge past Mt. Abraham where we might be able to find a descent shelter for the night. The ridgerunner on Mt. Abe turned out to be Spit’s brother, and he recognized Lee immediately from his sister’s description and then proceeded to tell us all the places we could camp up here legally. We dialed in the warming hut after another couple miles north on the LT. We even found a spring 0.2 miles up ahead of this structure.
We got in here at 7:30 tonight, and we are all bone weary and quite silent and subdued after the long miles hiked today.
I was going to read the guys Frost’s “The Road Less Traveled” but I’m too tired to read and they are too bushed to listen.

2 thoughts on “Day 16 Long Trail

  1. Susan Mahony

    I was at a wedding just down below Mt. Ellen on Saturday evening Aug. 20. We had sweeping views of the ridge of Green Mountains from Mt. Grant to Mt. Ellen. I kept thinking of you guys up there. I knew you were up there somewhere walking that amazing skyline. Glad the green beans added a fresh touch to your dinners. Now you have been getting your views that you deserve. And now the dramatic parts of the trail!
    Happy hiking to you all! It was great to meet you!


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