Day 15 Long Trail

Middlebury Gap to Skyline Lodge 5 miles

After a super county breakfast of fresh juice, berry pancakes, native sausage, maple syrup, fruit salad, and coffee it was difficult to get out of my chair, let alone hike.
After a heartfelt thanks to Susan and Lee we exited the Subaru and took some steep uphill strides to propel us on our northward journey.
It was cooler up here than it was down in the valley, wherefore temps were predicted to be in the high eighties, with wet humidity to boot. Here it is breezy and cooler.
Over on a distant westward ridge of the Adirondacks the sky gods must be bowling today, with repeated thunderous claps occurring approximately every minute. The day alternated between darkening and sunlit skies, with constant effort needed to move.
It looked like the Roller Coaster today, with 5 hills to cross, each about a half- mile ascent/ descent pattern. The footpath was still ridiculously slippery. I fell twice right off the bat. Nothing serious except wiping off mud.
We passed up Boyce shelter and stopped for good when we reached Skyline Lodge. It is the first fully enclosed shelter on the trail that I felt was not a dump. Rather, it’s clean, well maintained, has windows with screens, a pristine spring, and a reportedly ” big and plush” outhouse that I haven’t yet had the pleasure of becoming familiar with. It is also usually manned by a caretaker, but nobody here but us since we checked in at about 3 PM. If we find him or her, it’ll cost us each $5.
We had struggled a bit about whether to call it a day after a generally measly 5 miles, but it was a shortly discussed deal. We’re staying here, to gaze out at the lily pad covered pond, and watch the clouds fly across the sky. Even better, it started to rain, so we went inside, rolled out our pads and proceeded to take a two hour nap.
After we made supper we went back up the trail, then went south for a short bit where we went over to the western side of this mountain, and watched the red sun set over the Adirondacks.
Hiker Tip:
Here’s a quick meal that I recommend:
Tasty Bite Kerala Vegetables in Spicy Coconut sauce.
This packet of prepared vegetables can be purchased at the Indian food section of your local market. While the water is boiling for 5 minutes, and reheating the food packet you can add some fresh vegetables. I put in green beans, fresh from Susan’s garden. In a bowl, put in 1/2 a packet of instant mashed potatoes. Pour some of the water from the pot into the bowl, mixing in potatoes. Open foil bag, pour in Indian veggies, add fresh ones, and then add some protein. I cut up the rest of a block of sharp cheddar, Cabot of course. Bon Appetit!


2 thoughts on “Day 15 Long Trail

  1. Likin’ the sound of the Indian veggie dish. Isn’t it amazing how we actually have an indoor kitchen, access to all KINDS of food, and yet take that totally for granted sometimes? Sheesh. Happy trails, xoxo


  2. Tom Tom Tom! How can one of the most sophisticated, worldly, open and welcoming guys I know, do this with Indian Food? FYI those packets of Indian food were developed for use by the Indian Army – story I heard was that the Hindu soldiers fought better with curry in the bellies. They are not sold as backpacking food per se (too heavy) but I too have used them.

    And with mashed potatoes? Ke bhayo!!!! The trick would be to serve them with *rice*, which is the way God wants you to experience them. And get multiple packets; though each is heavy it’s more authentic and also okay when you have a large group.

    Any way – keep on trucking!



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