Day 13 Long Trail

David Logan to Sucker Brook shelters. 13miles
Sitting here against the back wall of the shelter watching the spectacle of a young family with three boys- 5,4,and 3 years old cooking up hot dogs and beans on their first backpacking thip ever. We five (Lee, me, Spit and Shine, and Bad Influence) thought we’d be alone tonight, but at about 5:30 the family hour started. We five are in a shelter for eight, and they have no tent, so we’re squashing up. Hope it works out.
I had weak energy today. Who knows why? I was last out of the shelter and was last in line all day today, until the end when I finally chugged along after reaching the top of Mt. Horrid. I forgot that after that I still had to get up and over Cape Lookout (3216′) and then Gillespie Peak (3366′). The afternoon never ended. It seemed to take so long to reach this shelter. I was totally spent when I got here and immediately drank some water, pumped up my air mattress and then crashed into a nap.
My feet were still waterlogged and sore at the end of the day. The mud lingers. The profile was jagged and the ascent up Mt. Horrid was true to it’s name.
My Ibex wool t-shirt is in tatters and even Lee tells me I should throw it out. I want it to last the trip, i have to be careful taking it off and on as it is so thin that it tears easily. We will reach the half way point at Middlebury Gap tomorrow.
This hiking is tough.


3 thoughts on “Day 13 Long Trail

  1. Kristi Kirkham

    Tom Sounds like Jamrog heaven. Group was me, and Pat, with John coming in late. Nice time at Pats with supper in a box. Here Monday and I hope Hank has guests he feels he can leave. We miss you. K and I planning a canoe trip with her Chicago sister if we can get them here. The rain has dried here and we can walk. Hope the rest of the trail treats you well. Love, D


  2. Hello UT,

    Looks like a good camping hammock would have been useful last night. I understand what a long, hard day on the trail feels like, especially when you just want some peace and quiet at the end of the day. Apparent newbies can be a pain at times.


  3. One of the joys for me has always been sharing the lean to with newbies, esp families. I get to re-visit those first few times – they were so long ago for me that the details arelost in antiquity…. In Shenandoah N.P., we sang songs around a campfire and cooked marshmalllows…. actually quite fun!


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