Day 9 Long Trail

Big Branch Picnic Area to parking lot Rt 103 Clarendon Gorge. 15 miles.
Easy day today due to slackpacking by Paddy-o. Lee and I borrowed a backpack from Paddy-o and put a water bottle, Steripen, map, and some snacks in it and left our packs with PO. He met us first at VT 140, about 8 miles up the trail where he made us lunch of fresh cheese bagels, cream cheese, and bacon with glasses of rich chocolate milk. Then we saddled up and got slacked another 6 miles to this parking lot.
It was easy hiking with no weight in your pack.
We have a big day tomorrow, trying to dodge the rain that’s predicted as we head up 3,300 vertical feet right off the bat to get on top of Killington, where we plan to camp. There’s a shelter up there that at still be useable, rumored to be trashed. We’ll see. If it is raining hard at 4,300 feet it will be challenging to tent up there if there is wind.


One thought on “Day 9 Long Trail

  1. I was at that shelter last year. There *is* water nearby. It was rustic and I admit, I was glad not to have been relying on it. I stayed at Governor’s the night before the ascent; it was open last year. If you get totally desperate and plans change, you are in the vicinity of “the Secret Shelter…”


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