Day 8 Long Trail

Summit Bromley. To Big Branch area camp site -14 miles
Humidity back. Gritty, grimy soak situation from the socks, up through the shorts,definitely throughout the raggy shirt and to my hair.
Went over two 3,000 plus footers -Styles and Peru peaks. The walking was not that hard today.
The highlight of the day was super trail magic from Paddy-O, notorious northeast trail angel hailing out of New York.

Paddy-O at Work

Paddy-O and I have kept in intermittent touch since I met him in 2007. He and I have been texting our whereabouts for the past 24 hours and he was in the area, so Lee suggested that I call him, and I did have cell coverage and it worked , with him picking up the phone on the second ring. We determined his vehicle was only a couple of hours north, so Lee and I hoofed it down there to eventually find him hiking to meet us in the company of Plans Too Much, a Vermonter who helps hikers in this area.

It was a grand reunion.

The Paddy Wagon at work w/ The Weatherman and Plans Too Much

We retreated to a spot in the parking lot where the truck would be visible to hikers, and then Paddy-0 proceeded to do what no one can equal out here- overwhelm us with food and drinks.
First he fired up the grill and reheated calzones and marinara sauce, then sauce and boneless ribs, then Angus bacon cheese burgers, with assorted cookie and drinks of all kinds to top it all off.

Which bigger: Lee's eyeball or the Angus bacon cheeseburger?

We found a place to throw our tents down off a side access road and spent a cool night under the bright moon.
Vermont is good to us.


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