Day 6 Long Trail

William B. Douglas shelter to top of Bromley. 9 miles.
We’re up in the warming hut at the top of Bromley at 3150′ for the night. Small group now, should get larger.
The Mayor and Genius have reached their car, and are headed home already.
We had a really amusing evening last night at the William B. Douglas shelter. The evening’s entertainment focused on the Mayor’s attempt to start a campfire. Lee and I harvested two large armloads of firewood, and dropped them off next to the firepit, where the Mayor had his own pile of wood. Lee encouraged the Mayor to start the fire, which The Mayor was reluctant to do. He was unsuccessful in avoiding the spotlight with at least a half dozen hikers observing and critiquing his progress.   The Mayor began by cleaning out all the partially burned wood in the pit, and then picked up pieces of damp grass that was lying on the ground. He assembled a little wooden teepee above the grass and lit his fire, which initially sputtered, then died. At this point he was offered some paper towels from a three generation hiking trio who were sharing the shelter with us. He was just about to crumple up some of the paper when an apparition in the form of a fairy-like little girl in long red hair approached him with a fairly large sheet of dry birch bark in hand who presented it to him and said , “I have this for you to help with your fire.”. With that gift, The mayor won the praises of the whole group after he kindled and maintained a most impressive campfire.

Firebuilding merit badge for The Mayor

The Mayor may be off the Long Trail, but his presence lingers on.
So the weather is turning toward cooler, less humid, but still cloudy. We walked 6 miles, mostly downhill, to the parking lot on RT. 11, where The mayor and Genius drove us to town. First we had a 10 AM feed of donuts, egg/ Canadian bacon and Vermont cheese sandwiches, and coffee at Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts, then went over to the Mountain Goat for denatured alcohol ( stove fuel), to the Price Chopper for 4 days food resupply and took the last ride from our friends back up to the Long Trail.
Manchester was a horror show of thousands of cars, no parking spaces, and just so many stores, people walking about the colors and signs presenting themselves to me that I was relieved to be in and out as quickly as possible.
The it was Lee and I humped our fully loaded packs up some 1,600 feet in three miles where we eventually arrived at an unheated, unelectrified, but clean and well lit warming hut on the Summit of Bromley, at 3260′. The moon is either full or close to it tonight. Should be some fun to be exploring the sunset and night skies in the wind and the cold here. Here’s a shot of Shine standing on a post planted on top of the Firetower at sunset on Bromley:

Shine atop Bromley Firetower


One thought on “Day 6 Long Trail

  1. enjoying this. if you see any logbook entries from Whoopie Pie, let me know…… I enjoyed that section, there was a point south of Peru Peak where there was a surprizing high-altitude bogwalk during the rain in which i swear the puncheons were floating as if it were a logger’s contest – very memorable in retrospect….


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