Long Trail – Day 1

Day 2 Long Trail
15 miles. Rt 2 to Congdon Shelter
A big day at the 9-4 office here in Vermont. I dropped Lee, Genius, and the Mayor off at the AT/ Long Trail start at Route 2, then went back to the Williamstown Hotel, where I left the car, and caught a shuttle from the owner back myself to join the others.
The weather was supposed to be bad, with 70% chance of heavy rain today, which never materialized. Thank God, but it was as humid as it could possibly be, to the point where my t-shirt was totally soaked and grimy within a half hour. The stinking doggy rag has been hanging up in the shelter for three and a half hours, and has not dried one bit so far. On the positive, there is a stream right long the path here and we went down there and sat in the middle of it in order to wash the grease off.
The hiking is hard here. We had 1,400 vertical feet with 5 days of food in our packs right off the bat. Then ridge walking for a while, another 1,000 foot climb, and then a shorter vertical later in the afternoon.

Beech grove on Long Trail

The rocks were wet, sometimes covered with wet leaves, and at one point I fell on my back, but emerged unscathed due to falling directly onto my backpack.
We hit the first shelter at noon after 7 miles. Rather than stop for the night, we decided to put on another 7 miles to reach the next one.
I am pleased to have snagged one of the bunks in this little shelter. If it rains, I won’t have to pack up a wet heavy tent tomorrow morning.
I loved eating my dehydrated home made ground turkey spaghetti tonight. It was frantic getting ready to come here, but I was still able to dehydrate 10 days worth of meals. Quality stuff with a good taste.
Good people here at the shelter tonight a couple of AT thru hikers , and maybe 10 Long Trail thru hiker hopefuls starting out these last two days.


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