Hiking into Vermont

Today we’re road dogging it into Vermont, dropping a resupply box at the Long Trail Inn near Rutland, with the end game -parking the car in Williamstown.
Adaptation is part of hiking and today is no different. What began as a two vehicle Caravan is now one. V8 and Mame are staying back in NH, due to carsickness that might be more than that. So we’ll get in touch with them tonight.
For now, General Lee and I are on I-91, then skittering our way overland toward the Long Trail.
Once there we plan to meet up with Genius and The Mayor, who will be hiking 60 miles or so of Long Trail/ AT with us. They just recovered from a three day drive from the depths of Hades, located somewhere in or upon 105 degree Austin, TX. to Albany, NY, where they’ll be staying.
The Mayor and Genius were our close friends on last year’s Pacific Crest Trail thru hike. I also gave both of them their trail names. I am pumped to be right by their sides as they experience east coast, AT footpath. Neither of them have ever been in New England. Full report will follow. These shape shifting events come and go, apparently even before the actual hiking starts tomorrow. I’m hoping the Speedy Sisters will be collectively addressing some serious recovery in NH, and that they will return to the hiking fold ASAP.
At 7:26 PM the Mayor, Genius, General Lee, and me are safely ensconced in the Williamstown Motel where we’re eating fried chicken, mesquite potato chips, and red potato salad while the raIn is pouring down outside. We have to walk in this stuff and hope that the hard rain clears by the morning.
A call from Auntie Mame confirmed that V8 is down for the count, that they are taking a zero tomorrow.
The ride starts in about 12 hours.


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