Tangling with The Wildcats

Started hiking up the Wildcat trail out of Pinkham Notch in New Hampshire’s Whites at 8 this morning. We finished 9 miles later just before 3 PM. Exhausted, but a good exhausted. It was as humid as you can stand.
It was a hike characterized by an initial mile of paralleling Rt 16 followed by 2,000 vertical feet of climbing trail within 2 miles . Clarkie, my brother Roy, General Lee, and I held strong up the first half of the climb, pulling over 1,000 vertical feet on top of that first mile by 9 AM.
Within another hour we were roaming around the top of the gondola lift to the summit of 4,422′ Wildcat A. An armada of cameras captured the moment.
Yesterday it got within 3 degrees of 100 out in Conway. Today was much better, and the higher we hiked, the cooler it got. Breezes were present off and on. All in all, it seems to be a good decision to hike here in the midst if this heat wave.
We lumped up and over all 5 high points in the Wildcats, then dropped over 1,000 feet to reach the Nineteen Mile Brook trail. Falling waters were cool and clear, and we stopped near a couple of pools to soak our feet on the way back to Clarkie’s auto.


3 thoughts on “Tangling with The Wildcats

  1. Clarkie

    General Lee is a true MONSTAH! While Uncle Tom, Brother Roy, and I chose to amble down the 19 Mile Brook Trail from Carter Notch, The General couldn’t be denied and hiked UP another 1,700 feet and 4.7 miles and descending 2,800 feet (while we were descending 1,050′ over 1.7 miles) and finished the hike with UT and BR while I came in later having been distracted by butterflies, fish, and flowers…


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