Rockland Library PCT presentation report.

What are the chances of two Triple Crown holders converging in Rockland, ME the same night?
My presentation Thurs night was kicked off that afternoon by a chance meeting at the lunch counter at Moody’s diner. I greeted two fellows that I over heard two seats down from me who were talking about backpacking out west. They told me that they recognized me and that they were, in fact, coming to my talk. One turned out to be Disco Dan , who is a Triple Crowner, meaning that he had thru hiked not only the AT, but the PCT, and also the Continental Divide Trail.
Later that night another Triple Crowner, True, attended the talk. Her considerable outdoor accomplishments are best reviewed by visiting her web site .
Another surprise that walked in the door was from Brad Purdy, who graced the audience with a couple of platters of his famous Brad Bars, a high energy, gloriously tasteful concoction that has fueled backpackers since 1985. He also has mastered a dehydrated dinner- “Curry In A Hurry” that I received on both the AT and the PCT.
Forty-seven people showed up, great questions, good times. Down to MA for another presentation on Monday night- July 11th.

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