Primal Walks

Yesterday I cranked out an unexpected 8 mile hike right from the door of my house.
I was in bad need of a walking fix after logging in 20 hours of paid work in the last three days, which although might not be much for some of you, was a push for me. I thought I’d be out for an hour or so, but once I turned up toward Searsmont at the corner by Levensellar Pond, I caught a good stride of 4 mph or so and just kept on going. I shot 3 miles north on Route 173, hung a left on the 1.5 mile Lawry Road, where I discovered this (tiny)  chair at the edge of a field then came 3 miles back on the Muzzey Ridge Road, straight up and over some high blueberry fields, down an abandoned woods road, through an overgrown, tired hay field and back to the house on High St.
The drawback was that I didn’t bring water with me, and was naggingly concerned that I’d bonk in the humidity and heat, but after 2 hours and 20 minute of steady fast walking I was none the worse for the wear when I rolled home.

I was hobbled up pretty good when I woke up this morning, but couldn’t resist walking again when my friend Craig proposed that we fit in a two and a half-hour hike before lunch. We met at the parking spot on Route 52 at the start of the Carriage Trail and wound our way up the blue-blazed trail to Ocean Lookout up over 1100′,  almost to the top of Mt. Megunticook. We had a boil up and ate some of Craig’s home-made jerky on top. Craig was wearing his Vibram 5 Fingers KSO and had no problem making time over the rocks, roots, and mud on the trail.  However, I was unable to shake the idea that I was walking behind a hobbit, trailing Craig on the way down.

We had to hurry. Craig had to be back at the YMCA at noon to pick up his kids.  He made it.

I like hiking with Craig.  We both love building fires, boiling up hot drinks, eating jerky or home-made energy bars, and jabbering about “Paleo- Primal” stuff. Craig keeps me supplied with good reading.  I came home with Mark Sisson’s “The Primal Blueprint”  and another 4.6 miles of pleasurable walking today.

One thought on “Primal Walks

  1. Craig

    Thanks for coming today it was a great hike and set my vacation off on the right foot (pun intended). Great blog! Look forward to the next hike.


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