GPS: getting better !

Today I rode my bicycle from my house down to Camden to buy a coffee to put in my water bottle and a half-dozen bagels at the Bagel Shop. Then I rode over to buy a Sunday paper at the convenience store, and came home. I am still running the Garmin Geko on the initial set of two AAA batteries. I have high hopes for practical use of this waterproof GPS as it only weighs 3.0 ounces, with batteries installed. I paid $60 for the GPS (used) on EBay, but it looked as new when it arrived at my house with original packing material and all manuals included.
I am using a Keyspan Tripp-Lite USB serial adapter from the MacBook to the Garmin serial cable connecting to the back of the Geko 201. The enclosed CR-Rom installed the driver flawlessly.
I am successfully using LoadMyTracks, a piece of free software that will communicate with GPS devices from many manufacturers to send and receive data. A single popup window shows my Garmin device and then a choice can be made to import either .gpx or.kml formats, saved to whatever folder you wish ( mine is labeled GPS).   The software can also be used to translate data between the popular GPX and KML (Google Earth) formats. The software provides support for waypoints (single locations in space), routes (lists of waypoints that can be used as instructions of where to go), and tracks (the breadcrumbs that many GPS devices keep to show where you have been).

After I access the tracks from my recent trip, I load another free program,  GPS Visualizer,  an easy-to-use online utility that creates maps and profiles from GPS data (tracks and waypoints, including GPX files), driving routes, street addresses, or simple coordinates.

We are not done yet, no we aren’t.  After it creates a Google map overlay, I use the Preview program from OS X to clip the map from my Visualizer screen, which I save as a JPG file on my desktop.  From here it is easily pasted into a WordPress post.  Here it is!

I like this map better. It details a 16 mile round trip, 1 hr., 29 minute total time, with max speed of 29.8 mph (coasting downhill) bike ride. I  do believe that engaging in this process somehow fills out  the outdoor experience .

2 thoughts on “GPS: getting better !

  1. Clarkie

    doesn’t seem to have the “vodka” effect of the first map! My pedaling has increased finally and the bicycle commute is becoming my norm


    1. Good for you- I was hoping that the Tour de Foss has a full complement this season. By the way, are you interested in staying over on Fri. night, if you decide to go to Chocorua on Sat?


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