Guthook Bails on the Grafton

Now that the black flies are out here in Maine in force, is it even reasonable to start thinking about backpacking? I think it is, but where you go here in Maine influences just how decimated and punctured your skin will be. In my opinion, it is still reasonable to hike here on the coast, where the insect pests are nowhere near as bad as they are right now in the western Maine mountains. There is a reason why the native Americans used to flock to the coast in the summertime and set up camp on the shores of Penobscot Bay, and it wasn’t because they loved the lobsters.
I encourage people to go up and try out the Cutler Coast Loop Trail, the Georges Highland Path, or any of the biking and hiking routes in Acadia National Park.
That being said there are still stalwart individuals who brave the Maine woods this time of year, but sometimes even the rough and tough are challenged in their efforts to connect with nature right now.
My former Pacific Crest Trail hiking buddy Guthook ( AKA Ryan Linn) has an excellent blog, updated regularly, that I think every Maine backpacker should subscribe to. Here is one of his latest entries, Guthooks’ half -way hike of the Grafton Loop Trail. For those of you that might not follow Maine weather , the past month has been unusually wet, breaking some records for single day rainfalls ( 4 inches). The result is completely sodden, rain-choked streams and unrelenting water slapping onto hikers as they push through sodden brush and overgrown foliage on the trails.

Sodden campsite on GLT, photo by Ryan Linn
For those of you who want to get up there sometime, here is my report of a 2008 trip over the 41 mile loop.

2 thoughts on “Guthook Bails on the Grafton

  1. To add to the drama, while Auntie Mame and I were watching Doc Martin last night on PBS, there was a warning that came on, interrupting the show, informing the public that 60 MPH winds, torrential rain, and 1/4″ hail were going to hit- guess where? Grafton Notch State Park- home of the Loop Trail.


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