AT- Day 7

AT -Day 7
Tremendous thunder and lightening storm last night. To the degree that two storms blasted the ridge last night. One at 10:30 PM and another at 3 AM. There was only one other time In my life that I’ve heard such explosive thunder and non stop stroboscopic lightening.
In the midst if the wind and rain, a gigantic tree crashed to the ground right at the campsite I was initially worried that it crushed Johnny Walker, who was hammoc camping over there, but it missed him. I had never spent such a night in my new tent, The Moment. It fared well, kept me dry, although it never got terribly windy and tried to blow sideways under the vents.
“I was hiking with one of you guys,” said Johnny Walker, while we were hiking today. What he meant was a school psychologist, and who he meant was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a school psychologist from New Hampshire that I am friendly with. They both started hiking together from Springer this season, but Chronic had to return home for personal business, of some sort of emergency situation.
I knew today was my last day of backpacking hiking for a while. I let myself settle into an appreciation of the act of walking, the fact that I was dry and warm, and that I have a life where I can get outside, sleep on the ground, decide where to lay down and fall asleep for the night, and eat what I have carried on my back.


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