AT- Day 4

Appalachian Trail- Day 4
Short 3 hour, 6 mile descent this morning into the cabled hostel- Kincora, manned by former New Englander Bob Peoples. I estimated that I’d hit Dennis Cove Road at 10:30 AM and that’s what happened. I feel how much more relaxed I am out here living the trail life compared to the nervousness I know I experienced back walking into here in 2007. Then, I was worried about finding the place, worried about having a bed, about going into town, about how many days it takes to hike into Damascus, all worried up. This time, I walked onto the porch, slipped out of my clothes, showered and shaved, and scored an empty bunk, lower half even- up in the sleeping room. About 10 people here so far, although there have been 40 here several of the last few nights. It’s peak season, heading towards Trail Days coming right up. I may even have time to wash out some clothes today. I don’t carry spares any more, but change into my rain suit when I do wash what few clothes I do have.
I have 50 more miles to make in the next four days. There looks like a purposeless hill to go up and over just before Watuga Dam that I’m debating blue blazing, if nothing more than just to exercise the option to do that. That means skipping a section of the AT, which I feel that I can do now after walking every step of the thing in 2007.
But this afternoon, there’s going to be some reading, some napping, some socializing and then a 4:30 PM shuttle into town to buy groceries, find some place to eat, and stock up on whatever else I think I’ve got to have to walk out the next 50 miles of AT.

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