AT-Day 2

Appalachian Trail- Day 2
I did better staying warm last night in my tent than thought I would. It did require that I wear every item I had brought with me. The stars were out bright and there was a blow in the air, probably down to 35 or so. Couple of clusters of folks came in until there were about 10 of us at the Flats.
It’s pretty easy slipping back into the circle of hikers scrubbing away their own sifting spot of heaven around the roaring campfire.
Spam help, the canned format. I was toting a can of special blend Bacon Spam that needed to get used up. So I borrowed a knife from one guy and cut off a now of slices that I offered to anyone in the group. Two women almost gagged ( one a vegan) at the word, but then several folks roasted their slices after I coached them on stick technique. One gut ditched the stick to slab his down on a flat rock that was forming the rim of the fire pit. We heard the sizzle within seconds. The Spam was a BIG hit. One fellow who knew he was destined for a most uncomfortable night in his uninsulated hammock announced. ” This is the most delicious food that I’ve ever tasted in my whole life”. Another girl who was reticent about trying the first piece practically tore the mostly eaten chunk that I held in my fingers after I asked her if she wanted any more.
It was late get up in the morning- 7 AM. Mostly everyone was up and I ended up being close to last when I left at 9 AM.
I hiked alone, listening to music, and then the rain started and kept up for three more hours, wet and cold in the 48 degree temperature. After finally reaching the top of Buck Mountain after an 800 foot unrelenting ascent then a muddy slippery slide down I reached my early afternoon destination.
Trail Magic has struck already. When I got to the airport Wednesday night I found an e- mail from Mango- AT thru hiker in 2006, and PCT thru in training hiker up until a knee injury forced him off in CA. He and his wife have a lakefront cabin close by in these hills.
Mango picked me up after 7 miles of hiking and right now I’ve taken a shower and I’m sitting by a wood fire in a classic country cabin, quiet, drinking beer, and having delicious snacks as we await the home- made chili to commence the final perfections.
I am almost all warmed up from my bone chilling walk in this morning’s rain.
I’m not thru- hiking, but I’m enjoying this adventure just fine so far, thanks to thru- hiking.


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